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We specialize in producing  the highest quality trade ideas based off historical repetitive patterns found since the market’s inception. We offer exclusive access to our proprietary pattern research that will help guide you visually within the constructed model.  Our forecasting models are coupled with predetermined risk management guidelines to help you stay in your trade longer and know when to get out. We show you in detail how patterns act as a catalyst driving fundamentals and market prices.

Our Model



Patterns help you decode and detect current  and future price action as well as what  levels would be better for lower risk entries and risk off exits. We believe it is one of the strongest leading indicators that also builds within it the best risk model available.



Price proceeds fundamentals. Price is king yet fundamentals play a significant role in a companies ability to flourish and attract investors.  Unless you are an insider, no  one really knows how well a company will perform each quarter, everything is speculative. We believe patterns give the greatest clue toward a companies strength or weakness for growth.



Whatever your personal bias about a company, it can always go further in a direction you aren't expecting. As with the risk side of investing, we have experienced the powerful use of historical price history and how it has shapes our forecasting for potential price expansion or retraction.

Our Model

Our Process

Throughout history, we can look back and see the impact of certain events in our lives and how they shaped decisions that took us on a particular path. Each person has their own path that is unique to them much like their fingerprint. Over time you can see distinct patterns arise and how your personality will most likely react to those events.

The same can be said of the stock market and its personality. How its structured by analyzing price action and measuring visual positioning through time. This is the essence of pattern analysis. By charting any stocks history, unique patterns begin to surface that can lead toward forecasted periods of greater expansion or contraction through price. Pattern analysis holds the key to detect and decode this valuable information. This technique takes the entire history of a particular stock and allows you to connect the dots of how it may perform in the future by studying its past. History does not repeat exactly … but it heavily rhymes.

While pattern analysis includes traditional technical analysis, they differ greatly. Traditional "TA” is great for analyzing pieces of a stocks chart history. However, pattern analysis connects the entire price history of a stock giving you a more in-depth, detailed view where accelerated gains may be made or where possible risks may occur to help you determine the best course of action. 


Our proprietary research tool for pattern analysis was discovered by our founding partner by studying raw chart data for over 20 years. Through his mentorship, he and our team members provide research for the highest quality investment/trade ideas. With each idea, you will begin to learn and see the repetitive historical patterns emerging from each stock almost as if they are leaping off the page.


Learn how spot and trade the best of the best stocks and stay away from those caught in a “doom loop”. Without knowing where you are in a model your frame of reference is left to nothing more than a hunch. With our help, we can point you toward a brighter path in your trading journey. How? The pattern is the catalyst!

Our Work

Our Work

 Our Services

Choose your membership level and payment preference below. The chatroom is built within Discord. If you are a current Discord user, you will be prompted for payment preference through Upgrade Chat. If you are not, no worries, you will be taken to Discord first then asked to create an account. Once created, you will be prompted for your payment information. Our financial disclosure is in Discord as part of our onboarding process.

Once completed, you will be dropped into our chatroom. To access the room after signing up, go to  for the web version or to download the app to all of your devices.

While we do day trade, our primary focus is finding  intermediate swing trades and long-term investements. Daily discussions on market events, mid to large cap stocks, pattern analysis and how the market works historically. Our experienced team is here to help you make smarter trades and achieve your investment goals. Join our community today and start reaping the benefits!

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