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Team Leader
founder and chart expert


For over 20 years, Tim has spent tens of thousands of hours pouring over charts in detail much like a forensic detective. He has the uncanny ability to see and forecast potential moves, that to others seem impossible. He does this by painting the clearest picture of why current market conditions make this a likely scenario. Tim's analytic skills give him an edge in identifying the unique set of patterns within every financial instruments history, like an etf or stock. The linear technical analysis world sees familiar patterns such as head and shoulders, cup and handle, falling wedge, ABCD, etc.  Few, however, can detect and identify the overall "fingerprint" of that financial instrument. 


At his core, Tim is an educator. His passion to teach is rivaled only by his insatiable desire to produce impeccable research just as he did for years for the "best of the best" in the hedge fund world. With his expertise and broad market knowledge in hand, his focus has now turned to building and cultivating a community of high caliber traders and help them achieve their financial goals trading ETFs, stocks, options and futures. 


Because of this background, Tim comes armed each week with an overflow of "ideas" that he shares with his trading community. Each opportunity that is presented is one that has the highest potential to produce the greatest profit while mitigating as little risk as possible. He does this by creatively producing a detailed chart analysis that can help guide you to the "promise land". Though his research is detailed and precise, it is balanced with his jovial, likeable demeanor and gift of gab stemming from his background in talk radio. You can't find a more honest and hard working man in the business!


What everyone is saying



Tim, have to say I'm so happy I came across you I have learned so much from you and the people in this room...I'm truly so grateful! 

Thank you Tim! I don't know anyone who works harder than you in the business. I work with a lot of day traders and TA guys but you do laps around them.


Tim up 250% since joining, this is crazy! Thank you for everything you do and all I have learned since being here.

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