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What to Expect

You will receive detailed video chart analysis of trade ideas produced by our seasoned lead analyst, Tim Stetin. Using his proprietary pattern price research, Tim produces trade ideas for top quality trade ideas of stocks, indexes and ETFs with patterns that have a high probability for success. 

Our research stems from Tim's original work, Stets Theory. Stets Theory is a visual technical analysis process that allows you to see the “fingerprint” of every financial instrument based off deep subset patterns that are historically repetitive. His theory is based off time, measurement and visual position through historical pattern movement. Through the lens of Stets theory, a complete view of each pattern is seen as a whole bringing granular clarity to traditional technical analysis elements usually found.

What to Expect

Live Chat

Join Tim and the Pattern Pros team daily  and discuss charts, patterns, market events, trades including options and futures. Get instant analysis as the trades happen plus feedback on individual tickers throughout the market day and become a part of the Pattern Pros Community.

Trade Ideas

Every week is loaded with videos with the highest probability setups for the greatest profit potential. Tim also provides in-depth analysis via his daily Broader Market Update video - know when to play offense and defense!

Live Stream

Our unique service is how we utilize Live Stream chart analysis paired with the Discord Chat Room. You will see in real time the inner workings of Tim's visual mastery of Stock Patterns plus how to use them to keep you in the trade for maximum gains.  As a bonus, enjoy Tim's commentary along with team as he is the "edutianer" of stock patterns.

Traders Toolkit

* Private Twitter Feed

* Live charting and trade alerts

* Experienced traders to help navigate the market

*Discord includes News Feeds, Group Chat, Chart Discussions,  Fundamental & Educational channels; Option flow bot, and much more.

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